SEI-GAD activities for National Women’s Month


March 22 (Wednesday) – Fire Prevention and Safety Awareness Forum

March 28 (Tuesday) – Reproductive Health Forum



Capacity Building

• Gender Sensitivity Orientation 

• Attendance to Gender Summit 9

National Women’s Month Celebration 

• Participation in DOST-wide Women’s Month Celebration 

• Participation in Nationwide Women’s Month Celebration 

Violence Against Women

• Film Showing: “Walang Rape sa Bontok”

• Printing and dissemination of VAW IEC materials

• Posting of VAW campaign materials (tarpaulin, poster)

SEI Gender-Sensitive Facilities

• Upgrading of SEI Restoom

• Establishment of Lactation Room


• Indie-Syensya: Women in Science

• NSTW-GAD activity: “Beyond Baccalaureate, Stepping Up to Graduate Studies”

• Setting-up of GAD Corner